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Smart Payroll Management

Employees and Payroll are integral to any organization. At the same time the Payroll Process is not a core business activity. According to a study, Employee Benefits and Payroll are the second most outsourced functions in an organization. You would rather prefer Payroll Activity to be handled as an Outsourced Remote Hosted Solution in a competent & a reliable manner, accurately and on time.

Main features

Primary Reasons for our Solution
  • Reliable & effective cost-effective solution to systematically run non-core activities
  • Automatic & on time implementation of Company Guidelines & Statutory Compliances
  • Better control and understanding of cash flow towards payroll & IT and thus more informed decisions
  • Significantly lower Administrative and IT costs for Payroll and IT functions
  • Accurate deduction of Tax and remittance to statutory bodies
  • Timely filing of statutory returns
  • Timely Payroll and Statutory Compliances enhance company image

Easy To customize

  • Ensures that all employees are paid accurately on time
  • Ensures the withholdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner
  • Complete integration with Biometric Attendance
  • Statutory Compliance Support on PF, ESI, Professional Tax & TDS
  • Avoid penalties on Statutory Taxes
  • Seamless Leave & Loan Management
  • Lowest Payroll Processing Cost/ Employee
  • Further customization and integration with your existing ERP, HR, Finance Systems on request

Hosted Solution

  • In this model where hardware & software will be procured, owned and managed by us in our data center or premises

On Premise Hosted

  • We shall deploy one software engineer from our side at your site to cover all hardware, software and our system operations support during the contracted period.

Pay As You Use

  • Complete Outsourcing for Company as well as Employees including Tax Returns