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In the IT Division, we undertake architecture and design of solutions using business process automation and integration to your existing ERP and other systems in addition to machine integration.

What we deliver?

Our Software & Consulting Solutions cover a wide range of business requirements, including accounting, payroll, tax accounting & filing, biometric administration & integration, supply chain, value chain analytics, customer relationship management, E Office from remote, business analytics for decision support, data mining, data management & digitization, consulting, automation, mobility solutions and specialized products for specific industries.

We care that your IT assets stand protected and we offer modernization of your legacy systems and complete integration to eliminate duplicate processes and redundant data.

Our Focus

We pride ourselves on treating each business as exclusive and providing you with products & services that are built to your needs, a delight for your people to use and are effective as well as secure.

You want us to help keep a smart, robust, growing & efficient business and that is what we do. You prefer to deal with real people who can resolve issues for you and deliver well tailored solutions on demand.

Business Sectors

1. Small and Medium Enterprises

2. Insurance

3. Banking