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SPARON specializes in:

Java & Dot Net based Web and Mobile Applications

Oracle Enterprise Solutions & ERP

Data Management & Analytics

CRM & Business Intelligence

E Office

Payroll & Biometrics

Tax Accounting & E Filing

Financial Accounting

Logistics, Supply Chain & Value Analytics

Health Care



Digitization & Data Management

Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions

Integration of Billing & Payments through Transaction Processing Devices (TPD)

Insurance Solutions

Banking Solutions

Loan EMI Default Prediction Intelligence


IT services


Business solutions

IT & Software Consulting

Business Startup Consulting

Engineering & Technical Consulting

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

System Integration


Mobility Solutions


Technology services

Consulting services

System Modernization

Legacy Migration

Data Migration


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Solutions underway:

SPARON has teamed up to provide mobile suite for web based smartphone services for Android, BlackBerry, iOS & Symbian platforms with a Mobile Solution Provider in Turkey.
Enterprise Architecture Consulting for a Government Department in Netherlands to define “As-is Architecture”, “To Be Architecture” and a transition plan to move towards the proposed target architecture. Additionally, the solution incorporates a modernization solution to move from PowerBuilder based portfolio of 60+ applications to Java Based web applications.
Enterprise Architecture Consulting for an Insurance Company in Netherlands to define the target architecture based on Oracle Fusion Technologies and to provide a transition plan to move the existing portfolio of Insurance policy administration applications to the target architecture. The solution also covers modernization of portfolio of applications written in “PL-SQL” technologies to Java based data access objects.

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Who are we?

SPARON aims to be the most preferred IT Partner to Business Clients enabling for them increased revenues, margin and customer satisfaction through cost and time efficient quality solutions and services delivery.

The solutions are customized for start-up, small, and midsized businesses across all Manufacturing & Service organizations with a view to provide them the freedom to succeed without feeling constrained.

What we deliver?

Our Software & Consulting Solutions cover a wide range of business requirements, including accounting, payroll, tax accounting & filing, biometric administration & integration, supply chain, value chain analytics, customer relationship management, E Office from remote, business analytics for decision support, data mining, data management & digitization, consulting, automation, mobility solutions and specialized products for specific industries.

We care that your IT assets stand protected and we offer modernization of your legacy systems and complete integration to eliminate duplicate processes and redundant data.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you run your businesses more effectively - helping you translate your collective business insight and wisdom into:

        • defining your business activities well


        • providing you with lasting benefits by automating your business processes sensibly.

Benefits we deliver

Benefits we deliver in our Software & Consulting Solutions reflect our values of innovation, sustained growth, profitability, economy of effort & resources, zero wastage, trust, integrity and simplicity.

We like to tell our customers that we make SPARON Products “work the way you do” or better still, “work the way you would really like to work”.

Our Focus

We pride ourselves on treating each business as exclusive and providing you with products & services that are built to your needs, a delight for your people to use and are effective as well as secure.

You want us to help keep a smart, robust, growing & efficient business and that is what we do. You prefer to deal with real people who can resolve issues for you and deliver well tailored solutions on demand.

We measure our success by your success. From the intuitive design of our software to the expertise of our people, we focus on giving you the freedom, confidence and control you need to achieve your business ambitions. And we want to continue doing it so well for you.